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Harford County Office of Community and Economic Development
The Bel Air Festival for the Arts is fortunate to receive funding from Harford County's tourism-related competitive program. The Tourism Program uses revenue generated by the county's hotel lodging fee to aid cultural, historical, museum, eco-tourism, and sports-tourism activities. The funded nonprofits not only improve the quality of life in Harford County, they draw visitors to the county's tourism industry, boosting local business and increasing overnight stays that fund the program.
Bel Air Arts and Entertainment District
This event is one of the many creative activities that occur within the Bel Air's Arts & Entertainment District. The district consists of 99 acres located in the heart of the Town's Central Business District. It also incorporates adjoining residential, historical, and community areas. The district is roughly bound by Gordon Street to the north, Hays Street to the west, Heighe Street to the south, and the Shamrock community to the east. Bel Air’s Department of Economic Development oversees the District. Our partners include the Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission, the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, the Harford County Cultural Arts Board and the Maryland Center for the Arts.
The Harford County Cultural Arts Board was founded in 1973 to ​Preserve, Enhance, and Promote the Culture of Harford County, Maryland." As the official county arts agency, Harford County Cultural Arts Board is the premier local resource for arts organizations, independent artists, and the audiences of Harford County, Maryland. The government-appointed board provides advocacy and administrative support, sponsors workshops, events, and promotional opportunities, and encourages and invests in the advancement of the arts for the community.
Bel Air Recreation Committee
The Bel Air Recreation Committee (BARC) is a non-profit Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organization and is incorporated under Maryland law. BARC operates approximately 30 recreational and athletic programs for adults and youth in the Bel Air area. BARC is an independent organization and is not an agency of the governments of Harford County or the Town of Bel Air. However, BARC does receive financial and facility support from those government entities.